Bios+ hosted the Diplomacy Day in collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival

The Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) and the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR), in collaboration with the Locarno Film Festival and the City of Bellinzona, proudly announce the successful hosting of the Diplomacy Day event on August 10. The event brought together over 240 Swiss and international ambassadors and diplomats for a day of encounter with scientists and visit of the modern Bios+ research laboratories in Bellinzona.

The collaboration between Bios+ and the Locarno Film Festival, one of the most prestigious international film festivals, renowned for its commitment to promoting cinematic excellence and cultural dialogue, produced a successful event at the intersection between the worlds of art and science. 

The Diplomacy Day provided an opportunity for ambassadors and diplomats to gain insights into the cutting-edge research and innovation that takes place in the region, strengthening the bonds between diplomacy, culture, and academia. 

"It was a great privilege to host the Diplomacy Day at Bios+," stated Prof. Franco Cavalli, Bios+ and IOR President. “The event highlighted the significant contributions of the Institutes, affiliated to the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), to the advancement of science. Through guided tours, presentations, and discussions, participants gained valuable insights into the role that research and innovation play in addressing global challenges”. 

"We are thrilled to have hosted the Diplomacy Day in partnership with the Locarno Film Festival," stated Prof. Davide Robbiani, IRB Director. "The event not only enabled us to showcase the work conducted at IRB and IOR but also facilitated meaningful dialogues between researchers and diplomats."